Monday, September 12, 2011



Introducing the 5th Anniversary Cricut Expression™. This limited-edition 5th Anniversary Cricut Expression™ has all the features of our classic Cricut Expression™ plus innovations that will make crafting easier and more fun.

The limited-edition 5th Anniversary Cricut Expression™ now features a beautiful full-color, LCD touch screen. You can easily access editing features like auto-fill and quantity and brand-new, exciting tools such as mat preview, which will allow you to organize all of your shapes and designs and see exactly how they'll fit on your mat, before the first cut.

Each machine comes preloaded with 4 cartridges: Cricut American Alphabet, Just a Note, Cricut Decals, and Cricut Essentials

Other great features include:
Compatible with Cricut and Cricut Imagine Cartridges
Full-color LCD touch screen
Mat Preview
Material Setting
Cutting Area Light
Longer Power Cord
And MUCH more!